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  • GEC Connect for automatic assignment of accounting entries
  • CashOnTime Allocation (GEC Vision) for the cross-referencing of your customer payments

GEC Connect

The intelligent way to automatically generate accounting entries

GEC connect is the accounts entry generator wich imports data from different sources in order to automatically assign them in your accounting software.

  • Imported data : bank information, data from cash flow management, payment transactions, payroll, EDM, internal Excel files, supplier and customer data, …
  • Interfaced with more than 60 accounting software packages 


One click to convert an information into an accounting data

With its automation function, GEC Connect triggers automatic import and creation of entries, export and accounting integration.

With its scan function (intelligent character recognition), GEC goes through the source information and assigns it to the appropriate general ledger, cost accounting and third party accounts, entirely automatically.

Modify, valuate, and export all your accounting entries with a single click. 


  • Gain in productivity avoiding double inputs
  • Accounting up to date daily
  • Total reliability no more risk of error
  • Standardization of accounting processes
  • Optimization of the quality of bank reconciliation


CashOnTime  Allocation

The intelligent solution for automatic cross-referencing of customer payments

CashOnTime Allocation enables fast and easy cross-referencing between your customer payments and the corresponding invoices.

  • Payment received are automatically assigned to the corresponding invoices
  • Manuel processing is optimized by a cross-referencing assistant


Automatic cross-referencing

Automation of cross-referencing up to 90%

Thanks to its powerful cross-referencing engine combining an unlimited number of reconciliation criteria and accumulation criteria, you can cross-reference 60 to 90% of your payments automatically.

By customizing CashOnTime Allocation you will be able to adapt the tools to your specific needs : allocating third parties to cross-referencing agents, management of paying centers, management of multiple bank references and multiple currencies,…


Assisted cross-referencing

Simplified manual cross-referencing for the 10 to 30% of cases that are more complex

Cross-referencing of payments not assigned automatically will be greatly optimized by the cross-refenrencing assistant : a single functionality to find an equal sum by combining 2 or more invoices, multi-criteria assistant to search for entries on one or more customer accounts.



CashOnTime Allocation is a fully-fledged tool for accounting productivity, and integrates perfectly in your organizational structure :

  • Customer accounting up to date daily
  • Significant decrease of the cost of treatment of the customers payments
  • Increase of the visibility of customer accounts
  • Centring on high value-added tasks such as follow up customers
  • Reduction of outstanding customer incurs and decrease of the DSO